Today, we’re excited to announce a pivotal update to ProdigyBuild: the integration with Azure VCS. This new feature joins our existing suite of supported VCS platforms, including GitHub, GitLab, AWS CodeCommit, and Bitbucket, further expanding the capabilities of ProdigyBuild to harness AI for code generation within a broader range of development ecosystems.


ProdigyBuild has consistently aimed to streamline the software development process by leveraging artificial intelligence to automate code generation. With the introduction of Azure VCS integration, we’re bringing this innovative capability to even more developers and teams, particularly those embedded within the Microsoft development ecosystem. This integration allows for seamless interaction with Azure Repos, enabling the generation of high-quality code that aligns with project-specific requirements and standards.

Understanding Azure VCS Integration

What This Means for Your Development Workflow

The integration of Azure VCS into ProdigyBuild signifies a major leap forward in AI-driven code generation. Teams can now connect their Azure Repos directly to ProdigyBuild, allowing for automated code generation and updates directly within their existing Azure-based projects. This integration not only simplifies the development process but also ensures that generated code is consistent with the project’s existing codebase and architectural standards.

How to Add Azure VCS to Your Project

To start leveraging Azure VCS integration in ProdigyBuild, navigate to the project settings page. Here, you’ll find the option to enable VCS integration. Simply add your Organization Name, Access Token, and Project Name, then save the settings. Following these steps, you can then specify which repositories you’d like to connect to, making them available for AI-driven code generation and updates.

The Benefits of Azure VCS Integration

Streamlined Development Processes

With Azure VCS integration, ProdigyBuild users can enjoy a more streamlined development process, where code generation and updates are seamlessly integrated into their workflow. This eliminates the need for manual code generation or copying and pasting code from external tools into your Azure Repos, significantly reducing development time and effort.

Enhanced Code Quality and Consistency

ProdigyBuild’s AI leverages the project’s existing codebase to generate new code, ensuring that any new additions follow the same format and make use of existing libraries, services, utils, and more. This not only maintains consistency across the codebase but also upholds the project’s quality standards, making the integration of new code smoother and more efficient.

Expanding the Horizon with AI and Azure VCS

Leveraging AI for Advanced Code Generation

The integration of Azure VCS with ProdigyBuild’s AI capabilities opens up new possibilities for advanced code generation. By analyzing the existing code and project dependencies, ProdigyBuild can generate highly optimized and relevant code snippets, functions, and modules that seamlessly integrate with the rest of the project.

Future Possibilities

This is just the beginning. The integration of Azure VCS paves the way for further advancements and features that will continue to enhance the capabilities of ProdigyBuild. As AI technology evolves, so too will the potential for even more sophisticated code generation and project management features within ProdigyBuild.


The integration of Azure VCS into ProdigyBuild represents a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize software development through artificial intelligence. By expanding our VCS integration to include Azure Repos, we’re opening up new avenues for developers and teams to automate and enhance their coding workflows. We’re excited to see how our users leverage this new feature to accelerate their projects and achieve greater efficiency and code quality.

We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with Azure VCS integration in ProdigyBuild. How has AI-driven code generation transformed your development process? Join the conversation below and let us know how we can continue to support your software development journey.

Discover more about ProdigyBuild and how it can transform your development workflow with the power of AI. Explore the possibilities today and take your projects to the next level with seamless Azure VCS integration.

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