Conductor Terms Of Use

The agreement for ProdigyBuild Conductor consists of the following Product Specific Terms, in conjunction with your main agreement with us, which may be the ProdigyBuild Customer Agreement’s General Terms, the ProdigyBuild Terms of Service or a similar legacy agreement, or other legal related agreements.. The combined document is referred to as the “Agreement.”

By utilizing ProdigyBuild Conductor, you are bound by the General Terms unless you and ProdigyBuild have a different Agreement in place. Additionally, you agree to the Data Protection Agreement unless your Agreement with ProdigyBuild includes an alternative data protection agreement required by the country or government.

These terms can only be modified through a written document signed by both you and ProdigyBuild. Any capitalized terms not defined here retain their respective meanings as provided in the Agreement.

“Acceptable Use Policies” refers to the ProdigyBuild Acceptable Use Policies available at

“Code” and “Your Code” denote the code you write while utilizing the ProdigyBuild Conductor application and editor, including any modifications made to the code, files or suggestion.

“Content” encompasses text, data, software, images, and any other materials displayed or made available through the Online Services.

“Data Protection Agreement” refers to the ProdigyBuild Data Protection Agreement

ProdigyBuild Conductor transfers files contents and snippets of Your Code from your Conductor Dashboard in oder to provide code builds and suggestions. Code and files content data is only transmitted in real-0time for the purpose of returning code builds and suggestions and is discarded once a build suggestion has been completed or provided. More detailed information regarding data processing by ProdigyBuild Conductor can be found in the ProdigyBuild Privacy Statement

Your use of ProdigyBuild Conductor is subject to the Acceptable Use Policies. For example, you are prohibited from prompting ProdigyBuild Conductor with unlawful or prohibited content according to the Acceptable Use Policies. Furthermore, you may not utilize ProdigyBuild Conductor to generate codes or suggestions that you know (or reasonably should know) would be unlawful or infringe upon the rights of others, ideas or copyrighted software companies.

If your Agreement includes provisions for defending third-party claims, those provisions will apply to your use of ProdigyBuild Conductor. Notwithstanding any other language in your Agreement, ProdigyBuild’s defense obligations related to your use of ProdigyBuild Conductor do not apply if (i) the claim is based on Code that differs from a build or suggestion provided by ProdigyBuild Conductor, or (ii) you have not enabled all filtering features available in ProdigyBuild Conductor.

You are solely responsible for Your Code, including any rework, writes or suggestions you incorporate into Your Code or refer to during its development. It is entirely your decision whether to utilize the codes generated or suggestions generated by ProdigyBuild Conductor. ProdigyBuild strongly advises implementing reasonable policies, security and practices to prevent the use of code generated or suggestion in a manner that infringes upon the rights of others. This includes utilizing all available filtering features within ProdigyBuild Conductor.Content

ProdigyBuild does not assert ownership rights over code builds and suggestions. You maintain ownership of Your Code.

To utilize ProdigyBuild Conductor, it’s an integral part of Fibonacci, an AI assistant that reads instructions and provides customized AI assistance to codes, software builds and recommendations.


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