The following content or activities are not permitted on ProdigyBuild:

Engaging in automated excessive bulk activity or coordinated inauthentic activity, including:

    • Spamming
    • Cryptocurrency mining
    • Bulk distribution of promotions and advertising prohibited by ProdigyBuild’s terms and policies
    • Inauthentic interactions, such as fake accounts and automated inauthentic activity
    • Rank abuse, such as automated starring or following
    • Creation or participation in secondary markets aimed at proliferating inauthentic activity
    • Using ProdigyBuild as a platform to propagate abuse on other platforms
    • Phishing or attempted phishing
    • Utilizing our servers for any form of excessive automated bulk activity that places undue burden on our servers
    • Relaying unsolicited advertising or solicitation through our servers, such as get-rich-quick schemes

Incentivizing or being incentivized by inauthentic engagement through rewards, such as cryptocurrency airdrops, tokens, credits, gifts, or other giveaways.