In certain instances, ProdigyBuild may collect personal data about you from third-party sources. Here are some examples:

Engagement with other companies: If you choose to interact with other companies related to ProdigyBuild, such as signing up for training or receiving information about ProdigyBuild from our vendors, partners, or affiliates, we may collect personal data from these third parties. It’s important to note that ProdigyBuild does not purchase personal data from third-party data brokers.

Service Providers: We may receive information from processors or service providers who handle data on our behalf. For example, our payment processor collects payment and billing information in connection with our Service.

Content you post on our Service: Any information you store or contribute to a public repository, use in connection with a Community Feature, or make publicly available through our Service will be collected by ProdigyBuild as outlined in this Privacy Statement. It’s essential to be aware that this information may be accessible to both the ProdigyBuild user community and the general public. For more details on repositories and community features, refer to “About your profile.”

Co-branding/marketing partners: We may receive information from partners with whom we offer co-branded services or engage in joint marketing activities.

Publicly available sources: We might obtain information from publicly available sources, such as ProdigyBuild repositories.

Please note that when you are asked to provide personal data, you have the option to decline. Additionally, you can utilize web browser or operating system controls to manage certain types of automatic data collection. However, if you choose not to provide or allow information that is necessary for specific services or features, those services or features may not be available or fully functional.