We are committed to maintaining transparency and informing our users about any requests or legal processes involving their accounts or repositories. As part of this commitment, we have established a policy to notify affected account owners, unless prohibited by law or a court order. Our notification process ensures that users have an opportunity to challenge the legal process if they wish. Here’s an outline of our notification policy:

  1. Notification Efforts: Before disclosing user information, we will make reasonable efforts to notify the affected account owner(s). We will send a message to their verified email address, providing them with a copy of the subpoena, court order, or warrant.
  2. Opportunity to Challenge: By receiving the notification, users can review the legal process and choose to challenge it if they believe it is necessary.
  3. Exceptions for Exigent Circumstances: In rare cases of exigent circumstances, where there is a threat of death, serious harm, or an ongoing investigation, we may delay the notification to prevent jeopardizing the situation.

Our aim is to uphold user privacy and ensure that users are informed about any requests or legal actions involving their data on ProdigyBuild.