It is not permitted to post content on the platform that presents a distorted view of reality, whether it is inaccurate or false information (misinformation) or intentionally deceptive (disinformation). Such content, if likely to result in harm to the public or hinder fair and equal participation in a free and open society, is strictly prohibited. This includes:

  1. Sharing inaccurate or scientifically unsupported medical claims that pose a risk to public health or safety.
  2. Distributing manipulated media, including audio or visual content, that is likely to mislead or deceive and may harm the public interest.
  3. Posting false or misleading content that is likely to hinder an individual’s ability to engage in civic activities.
  4. Making unsubstantiated claims that could promote hate or targeted harassment against specific groups of people.

We encourage active participation in expressing ideas, perspectives, and personal experiences. While we may not always be able to verify personal accounts or observations, we generally permit parody and satire that align with our Acceptable Use Policies. Context plays a crucial role in how information is received and understood. When reviewing content under this policy, GitHub takes into consideration various factors that may help provide orientation to viewers. These factors include clear disclaimers, citations to credible sources, and other details that clarify the accuracy of the shared information.

Please note that the intention behind this policy is to promote a safe and reliable platform for all users.