The use of ProdigyBuild to organize, promote, encourage, threaten, or incite acts of violence is strictly prohibited. Posting content that depicts or glorifies violence or physical harm against humans or animals is also not allowed. This includes:

  1. Threatening individuals or groups with abuse, harm, sexual violence, or death.
  2. Sharing text, imagery, or audio content that glorifies violence or contains graphic depictions of violence towards oneself, others, groups, or animals.
  3. Encouraging others to engage in self-harm.

We do not permit the indiscriminate posting of violent content or its placement in areas that make it difficult for other users to avoid, such as profile avatars or issue comments. However, we acknowledge that there may be valid reasons to share violent content, such as for educational or documentary purposes, creative works, or depictions of historical events. In such cases, providing a clear warning or disclaimer can help users make an informed decision about engaging with the content. Nevertheless, ProdigyBuild reserves the right to limit the visibility of such content to those who actively choose to opt-in.

Our aim is to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all users while allowing for appropriate and lawful expression.