To protect the privacy and safety of individuals, it is strictly prohibited to post or share other people’s personal information on ProdigyBuild. This includes:

  1. Personal and private email addresses.
  2. Phone numbers.
  3. Physical addresses or any private location information.
  4. Bank account details or credit card numbers.
  5. Social Security or National Identity numbers.
  6. Passwords.
  7. Voter information.
  8. Medical information and personal biometric data.
  9. Any other private information that may pose a safety or security risk.

In addition, we consider the unauthorized distribution or use of photos or videos without the subject’s consent as an invasion of privacy, especially if it poses a safety risk to the individual, such as in cases of intimidation or harassment.

While we take context into account and consider whether the reported content is publicly available elsewhere, it’s important to note that sharing publicly available content may still be a violation of our policies if it is done with the intent to harass or incite abusive behavior, which would be in violation of our prohibition against bullying and harassment.

We encourage users to report any instances of personal information sharing or privacy violations they come across, and we will take appropriate action to address such violations.