Here is an indicative list of the types of data we store and manage related to users and projects on ProdigyBuild. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Organization Account Data:

  • Public information about organizations, administrative users, and repositories is available on ProdigyBuild.
  • Organization profiles display the organization name, repositories starred by owners, and all users who are organization owners.
  • Administrative users may choose to share additional public information such as avatars, affiliated company, location, direct members, teams, and collaborators.

Public Repository Data:

  • ProdigyBuild hosts numerous public, open-source software projects.
  • Public repository data includes the code, previous versions, stable release versions, information about collaborators, contributors, repository members, and logs of Git operations.
  • Conversations related to Git operations, project documentation (such as issues and wiki pages), statistics, and graphs showcasing project contributions and the network of contributors are also collected.

Private Repository Data:

  • Private repositories on ProdigyBuild collect and retain the same types of data as public repositories.
  • However, access to private repository data is limited to specifically invited users.

Other Data:

  • ProdigyBuild collects analytics data, including page visits and occasionally volunteered information from users such as communications with our support team, survey responses, and site registrations.

Please note that this list provides an overview of the data collected and maintained on ProdigyBuild. For more comprehensive details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.