The trust of our users is paramount to us, as they entrust us with their valuable software projects and code. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety, security, and privacy of user data.

While the vast majority of our users utilize ProdigyBuild’s services for positive purposes such as creating businesses and advancing technology, we understand that, given our extensive user base worldwide, there may be a few individuals who engage in unlawful activities. In such cases, we are committed to assisting law enforcement in their legitimate efforts to protect the public.

Through these guidelines for law enforcement personnel, we aim to strike a balance between safeguarding user privacy and facilitating the pursuit of justice. Our goal is to establish clear expectations and enhance transparency regarding ProdigyBuild’s internal processes. We want our users to know that we highly value their private information and take all necessary measures to protect it. This includes only disclosing data to third parties when all appropriate legal requirements have been met. Similarly, we aim to educate law enforcement professionals about the workings of ProdigyBuild’s systems, enabling them to efficiently tailor their data requests and obtain the specific information necessary for their investigations.