Real-Time Visibility Into The Status and Process of Projects


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Data & planning with AI

Scrum or Kanban

Choose between Scrum or Kanban Boards with an intuitive UI

Epic & Release Planning

Automatically estimate, plan and write tasks with AI

Manage Project Portfolios

Manage work streams and releases across multiple projects

Visualize and Measure Progress

  • Issues Reported per User
  • Issues Assigned per user
  • Issues by Priority
  • Issues by Status
  • Issues by Assignee

Visualize how your project evolves over time based on issue handling.

Insights displays project KPIs using bar charts, line charts, and pie charts updated in real-time.


Token Utilization Metrics

Detailed Token Utilization

Cost Control

Discover Trends

Integrate with Version Control Systems,
including Github, Gitlab, AWS Code Commit, Azure DevOps and BitBucket


Focus On What Matters!

Track the evolution of the most pressing issues in real-time with live issue status.

The team keeps the pulse on the project by checking the Insights page.

Insights FAQ's

Of course, you can limit costs for monthly token usage in the Account Management page.

All users with assigned permissions can access the Insights page to evaluate project KPIs, learn their Issue metrics, and review AI usage.

Conductor AI reports token usage, and you can find a more granular report of token utilization on the Insights dashboard.


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