Introducing ProdigyBuild’s Portfolio Management: Streamline Your Multi-Project Releases


Introducing ProdigyBuild’s Portfolio Management: Streamline Your Multi-Project Releases

ProdigyBuild is excited to announce the launch of our newest feature: Portfolio Management. This transformative addition is designed to empower teams and organizations to manage releases seamlessly across multiple projects, offering an unprecedented level of oversight and control. With Portfolio Management, you can now group related projects, manage permissions, oversee multiple project boards, and enjoy unified Gantt charts, all from a single interface. Let’s dive into how ProdigyBuild’s latest feature can revolutionize the way you manage projects and help you achieve streamlined, efficient workflows.

Masterful Project Grouping and Efficient Team Management



In the fast-paced world of project management, staying organized is key. ProdigyBuild’s Portfolio Management introduces a sophisticated framework for grouping related projects into portfolios. This feature is especially useful for large organizations working on multiple initiatives, as it helps in aligning projects with broader business goals and simplifies oversight.

Advanced Group Permissions

Understanding the necessity of nuanced access control, ProdigyBuild’s Portfolio Management provides detailed group permissions settings. You can now tailor access rights within your team, ensuring that everyone from project managers to stakeholders has appropriate visibility and control, safeguarding the project’s integrity and sensitive information.

Centralized Team Management

ProdigyBuild enables a central hub for managing your team’s resources across various projects. Allocate tasks based on individual skill sets and availability, track both individual and team progress, and ensure that all members are in sync with the project’s objectives. This streamlined approach not only boosts productivity but also fortifies project alignment with strategic goals.

Enhanced Visibility with Multi-Project Boards and Swimlane Configurations


To manage multiple projects effectively, visibility is crucial. ProdigyBuild’s swimlane style configuration for project boards offers an elegant solution to monitor each project’s progress without losing perspective.

Agile Coordination with Scrum of Scrums

For organizations employing agile methodologies, our system facilitates the coordination of multiple agile teams or a “scrum of scrums.” The swimlane configuration allows for independent operation of teams while aligning with overarching project goals. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of all projects, aiding scrum masters and project managers in ensuring consistent progress and identifying potential issues early.

Comprehensive Overview Across Projects

ProdigyBuild provides the capability to view and manage multiple project boards simultaneously. This global view enables team leaders and stakeholders to quickly gauge project statuses, compare schedules, and check resource allocations, promoting informed decision-making and increased transparency across the enterprise.

Unified Gantt Charts for Strategic Project Planning

One of the standout features of ProdigyBuild’s Portfolio Management is the unified Gantt chart, which integrates multiple project timelines into a single, cohesive overview.

Real-Time Integration and Updates

Our Gantt charts are designed to integrate smoothly with individual project timelines, allowing for immediate updates and adjustments as projects evolve. This dynamic feature ensures that all participants are kept up-to-date with the latest project developments.

Streamlined Planning and Synchronization

The unified Gantt charts enhance your ability to plan and coordinate efforts across various projects. They enable project managers to set realistic deadlines, synchronize start and end dates across interdependent projects, and optimize resource distribution to meet overarching project deadlines.

Conclusion: Step Into the Future with ProdigyBuild

ProdigyBuild’s Portfolio Management isn’t just a tool—it’s a strategic asset designed to streamline your project management processes. It offers an integrated suite of tools for managing permissions, resources, multiple project boards, and unified Gantt charts, ensuring that each project is not only aligned with your business objectives but also executed with maximum efficiency.

Join us at ProdigyBuild to experience firsthand the transformative capabilities of our Portfolio Management feature. Sign up today and redefine your project management strategy. With ProdigyBuild, you’re not just managing projects; you’re mastering them, ensuring a legacy of success and innovation within your organization.

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