Learn about Insights

The Insights page is designed with various panels that provide graphical charts to offer valuable insights.

From this page, users can access insights on a per-project basis. By selecting a project from the list view (located on the top left), the panels will dynamically display information relevant to the chosen project. This feature allows users to gain specific project-based insights effortlessly.

Issue Progress Bar

When you select a project, the Issue progress bar will be visible, showcasing the progress of the project’s issues.


These charts provide valuable insights into the ‘Issues Reported per User’, ‘Issues Assigned per User’, and ‘Token per User’ metrics. You can access these charts by clicking on the ‘Charts’ icon available in the left panel as well.


The Timeline chart displays the total number of issues logged over time, organized by date.

User Information

This panel will present a comprehensive list of all added users, including their Name, Email, Total Tokens Used, and the Creation Date of each user.

Conductor Utilization

This panel will display the total number of Conductor runs in a project.

Sort by Priority

This panel will list all high-priority issues, providing their ID, Name, Status, and Priority Number for easy reference and tracking.

Repository Details

In this panel, you will find a comprehensive list of all the added Repositories along with their Owner, Name, URL, and Version Control System, making it convenient to manage and track repositories.