How To: Setup Bitbucket Connection

You must create a project before using ProdigyBuild

Once you have set up the project, you can initiate the process of generating issues and assigning them to your team members or the Conductor (AI Assistant). This will help streamline your workflow and facilitate efficient collaboration within your team.

To create a Project, provide a Project Name, a detailed Project Description and select your Cloud Service Provider such as AWS, Azure, or GCP.

Next, select your Source Version Control System and enter an Org Name

At ProdigyBuild, we support Github, AWS CodeCommit, Gitlab and Bitbucket

Enter your Access Key.

Need help getting your Bitbucket Access Key?

Using access keys avoids the need to store user credentials on another system, and means that the other system doesn’t have to use a specific user account in Bitbucket.

For more information and context, please go to:

1.  At, navigate to the target repository for the Access Token. This repository is the only one that the Repository Access Token can access.

2.  On the sidebar, select Repository Settings.

3.  On the sidebar, under Security, select Access tokens.

4.  Select Create Repository Access Token.

5.  Give the Repository Access Token a name, usually related to the app or task that will use the token.

6.  Select the permissions the Repository Access Token needs. For detailed descriptions of each permission, see Repository Access Token permissions.

7.  Select the Create button. The page will display the Repository Access Token created dialog.

8.  Copy the generated token to your project settings in ProdigyBuild, and then you’re all set for adding repositories and running Conductor