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ProdigyBuild Legal

ProdigyBuild Legal2023-11-21T17:19:12+00:00

ProdigyBuild Terms of Use

Thank you for choosing ProdigyBuild! Before you proceed to access or use our platform, we kindly request you to carefully review this Terms of Service agreement. This document serves as a significant contract between us and our valued users, and we have taken great care to make it easily understandable. To make things more convenient for you, we have provided a brief summary of the terms followed by the complete legal terms.

Respect for Privacy and Prohibition of Personal Information Sharing2023-05-24T20:30:13+00:00

To protect the privacy and safety of individuals, it is strictly prohibited to post or share other people’s personal information on ProdigyBuild. This includes:

  1. Personal and private email addresses.
  2. Phone numbers.
  3. Physical addresses or any private location information.
  4. Bank account details or credit card numbers.
  5. Social Security or National Identity numbers.
  6. Passwords.
  7. Voter information.
  8. Medical information and personal biometric data.
  9. Any other private information that may pose a safety or security risk.

In addition, we consider the unauthorized distribution or use of photos or videos without the subject’s consent as an invasion of privacy, especially if it poses a safety risk to the individual, such as in cases of intimidation or harassment.

While we take context into account and consider whether the reported content is publicly available elsewhere, it’s important to note that sharing publicly available content may still be a violation of our policies if it is done with the intent to harass or incite abusive behavior, which would be in violation of our prohibition against bullying and harassment.

We encourage users to report any instances of personal information sharing or privacy violations they come across, and we will take appropriate action to address such violations.

Promotion of Inclusion and Prohibition of Hate Speech2023-05-24T20:30:13+00:00

At ProdigyBuild, we have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of speech that targets or encourages hate towards individuals or groups based on their personal characteristics, such as age, body size, ability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, level of experience, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, sexual identity, or sexual orientation. This includes:

  1. Mocking, attacking, or excluding individuals or groups based on their beliefs or the aforementioned characteristics.
  2. Displaying clear association or support for known terrorist or violent extremist organizations.
  3. Endorsing or propagating hate groups or hate-driven conspiracy theories.
  4. Sharing symbols or images associated with hate.
  5. Using harmful stereotypes, slurs, or dehumanizing language.
  6. Targeting individuals based on perceived gender.
  7. Engaging in dog whistling, which involves using coded or suggestive language and symbols to promote abuse or hate.

While we take all instances of abuse and harassment on our platform seriously, we are particularly committed to combating hate-based abuse that disproportionately affects communities historically targeted by such behavior. Our goal is to foster an inclusive and safe environment on ProdigyBuild where everyone feels welcome.

We encourage users to report any instances of hate speech or abusive behavior they encounter, and we will take appropriate action to address such violations of our policies.

Prohibition of Violence and Harmful Content2023-05-24T20:30:13+00:00

The use of ProdigyBuild to organize, promote, encourage, threaten, or incite acts of violence is strictly prohibited. Posting content that depicts or glorifies violence or physical harm against humans or animals is also not allowed. This includes:

  1. Threatening individuals or groups with abuse, harm, sexual violence, or death.
  2. Sharing text, imagery, or audio content that glorifies violence or contains graphic depictions of violence towards oneself, others, groups, or animals.
  3. Encouraging others to engage in self-harm.

We do not permit the indiscriminate posting of violent content or its placement in areas that make it difficult for other users to avoid, such as profile avatars or issue comments. However, we acknowledge that there may be valid reasons to share violent content, such as for educational or documentary purposes, creative works, or depictions of historical events. In such cases, providing a clear warning or disclaimer can help users make an informed decision about engaging with the content. Nevertheless, ProdigyBuild reserves the right to limit the visibility of such content to those who actively choose to opt-in.

Our aim is to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all users while allowing for appropriate and lawful expression.

Prohibition of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse2023-05-24T20:30:13+00:00

We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to content associated with sexual exploitation or abuse of individuals, especially minors. We strictly prohibit sexually themed or suggestive content that serves little to no purpose other than to elicit an erotic or shocking response, particularly when such content is amplified through its placement in profiles or other social contexts. This includes:

  1. Pornographic content.
  2. Non-consensual intimate imagery.
  3. Graphic depictions of sexual acts, including photographs, videos, animations, drawings, computer-generated images, or text-based content.

We acknowledge that not all nudity or content related to sexuality is obscene. In certain contexts, such as artistic, educational, historical, or journalistic purposes, or when it relates to victim advocacy, visual and/or textual depictions may be allowed. In some cases, providing a disclaimer can help communicate the context of the project. However, please note that we may choose to limit access to such content by giving users the option to opt-in before viewing.

Our goal is to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all users while allowing for appropriate and lawful expression.

Prohibition of Misinformation and Disinformation2023-05-24T20:30:13+00:00

It is not permitted to post content on the platform that presents a distorted view of reality, whether it is inaccurate or false information (misinformation) or intentionally deceptive (disinformation). Such content, if likely to result in harm to the public or hinder fair and equal participation in a free and open society, is strictly prohibited. This includes:

  1. Sharing inaccurate or scientifically unsupported medical claims that pose a risk to public health or safety.
  2. Distributing manipulated media, including audio or visual content, that is likely to mislead or deceive and may harm the public interest.
  3. Posting false or misleading content that is likely to hinder an individual’s ability to engage in civic activities.
  4. Making unsubstantiated claims that could promote hate or targeted harassment against specific groups of people.

We encourage active participation in expressing ideas, perspectives, and personal experiences. While we may not always be able to verify personal accounts or observations, we generally permit parody and satire that align with our Acceptable Use Policies. Context plays a crucial role in how information is received and understood. When reviewing content under this policy, GitHub takes into consideration various factors that may help provide orientation to viewers. These factors include clear disclaimers, citations to credible sources, and other details that clarify the accuracy of the shared information.

Please note that the intention behind this policy is to promote a safe and reliable platform for all users.

Prohibition of Misrepresentation and Impersonation2023-05-24T20:30:13+00:00

You are prohibited from misrepresenting your identity or falsely associating yourself with another individual or organization. This includes engaging in any of the following activities in a manner that misleads or deceives others:

  1. Replicating another user’s avatar or personal profile information.
  2. Posting content using another user’s email address.
  3. Adopting a username, organization name, or other namespace that closely resembles and may cause confusion with an existing user or organization.
  4. Gaining unauthorized access to an account or organization by using another user’s token or credentials.
  5. Assuming the identity of another individual or organization in any manner.

Impersonation is considered a form of harassment, and any violation of this policy may result in the loss of access to your account.

Please be aware that having a username similar to another user does not automatically constitute impersonation. ProdigyBuild takes the context into account, particularly in cases involving claims of misinformation or disinformation. In general, we permit parody and satire that align with our Acceptable Use Policies.

Prohibited Content and Activities2023-05-24T20:30:13+00:00

The following content or activities are strictly prohibited on ProdigyBuild:

  1. Content or activities that are unlawful or promote unlawful activities.
  2. Content that is sexually obscene or involves sexual exploitation or abuse, including of minors.
  3. Content that is libelous, defamatory, or fraudulent.
  4. Content that is discriminatory or abusive towards any individual or group.
  5. Dissemination of false, inaccurate, or intentionally deceptive information that is likely to adversely affect the public interest. This includes topics related to health, safety, election integrity, and civic participation.
  6. Harassment or abuse directed towards individuals or groups, including our employees, officers, agents, or other users.
  7. Threats or incitement of violence towards individuals or groups, particularly based on their identity.
  8. Gratuitous depiction or glorification of violence, including violent images.
  9. Off-topic content or interactions that significantly or repeatedly disrupt the experience of other users by interfering with platform features.

Please note that these guidelines are in place to maintain a safe and respectful environment on ProdigyBuild.

Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Acceptable Use Policies2023-05-24T21:56:58+00:00

It is your responsibility to utilize the Service in accordance with all relevant laws, regulations, and our Acceptable Use Policies. These policies may undergo updates periodically and are available below, as well as in our Terms of Service and Corporate Terms of Service.

Prohibition of Harmful Activity and Enforcement2023-05-24T20:30:13+00:00

Engaging in activities that cause significant harm to other users is strictly prohibited.

In interpreting our policies and resolving disputes, we prioritize the protection of our users as a whole.

ProdigyBuild reserves the right to take appropriate action in response to any violations of these policies. Such actions may include account suspension, account termination, or removal of content. For further guidance on actions you can take if you encounter offensive content or individuals, please refer to our Community Guidelines.

Reinstatement and Appeals: If your content or account has been disabled or restricted, and you wish to seek reinstatement or file an appeal, please consult our Appeal and Reinstatement page for detailed information regarding the process. You can submit a request through our Appeal and Reinstatement form.

Bandwidth Usage and Limitations2023-05-24T20:30:13+00:00

The bandwidth limitations of the Service are dependent on the specific features you utilize. In the event that we identify your bandwidth usage as significantly excessive compared to other users using similar features, we retain the right to suspend your Account, restrict your file hosting capabilities, or impose limitations on your activities until you are able to reduce your bandwidth consumption.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to delete repositories that we deem to be exerting undue strain on our infrastructure, after providing prior notice.

Prohibited Misuse of Personal Information2023-05-24T20:33:29+00:00

The misuse of personal information is strictly forbidden.

Any individual, entity, or service that collects data from the Service is required to adhere to the guidelines outlined in the ProdigyBuild Privacy Statement, particularly concerning the collection of personal information. If you gather any personal information from the Service, you are bound to utilize that information solely for the purpose explicitly authorized by the respective user. It is expected that you will take reasonable measures to safeguard any personal information obtained from the Service, and you will promptly address complaints, removal requests, and “do not contact” requests from both us and other users.

Restrictions on Information Usage2023-05-24T20:33:29+00:00

You are permitted to use information obtained from our Service for the following purposes, regardless of whether the information was obtained through scraping, collected via our API, or acquired by other means:

  1. Researchers may utilize public, non-personal information from the Service exclusively for research purposes. However, any publications resulting from such research must be made available as open access.
  2. Archivists may employ public information from the Service for archival purposes.

It is important to note that scraping refers to extracting information from our Service through automated processes such as bots or web crawlers. This definition does not encompass the collection of information through our API.

However, you are strictly prohibited from using information from the Service (regardless of whether it was obtained through scraping, collected via our API, or acquired by other means) for spamming purposes. This includes sending unsolicited emails to users or engaging in the sale of personal information, such as to recruiters, headhunters, and job boards.

Furthermore, your utilization of information from the Service must comply with the provisions outlined in the ProdigyBuild Privacy Statement.

Usage Limits2023-05-24T20:33:29+00:00

Without our explicit written permission, you are prohibited from reproducing, duplicating, copying, selling, reselling, or exploiting any part of the Service, including the use of the Service or access to the Service.

Access & Safety2023-05-24T20:33:29+00:00

At ProdigyBuild, we prohibit content or activities that:

  1. Directly support unlawful active attack or malware campaigns that cause technical harm. This includes using our platform to distribute malicious executables, serve as attack infrastructure (e.g., organizing denial of service attacks or managing command and control servers) without any prior implicit or explicit dual-use purpose before the abuse occurs.
  2. Utilize our servers to disrupt or attempt to disrupt, or gain unauthorized access to, any service, device, data, account, or network. Please note that activities permitted under bug bounty programs, such as the ProdigyBuild Bug Bounty program, are not considered “unauthorized.” However, these activities should only impact the organization whose bug bounty program authorized the activity.
Inauthentic Activities2023-05-24T20:33:29+00:00

The following content or activities are not permitted on ProdigyBuild:

Engaging in automated excessive bulk activity or coordinated inauthentic activity, including:

    • Spamming
    • Cryptocurrency mining
    • Bulk distribution of promotions and advertising prohibited by ProdigyBuild’s terms and policies
    • Inauthentic interactions, such as fake accounts and automated inauthentic activity
    • Rank abuse, such as automated starring or following
    • Creation or participation in secondary markets aimed at proliferating inauthentic activity
    • Using ProdigyBuild as a platform to propagate abuse on other platforms
    • Phishing or attempted phishing
    • Utilizing our servers for any form of excessive automated bulk activity that places undue burden on our servers
    • Relaying unsolicited advertising or solicitation through our servers, such as get-rich-quick schemes

Incentivizing or being incentivized by inauthentic engagement through rewards, such as cryptocurrency airdrops, tokens, credits, gifts, or other giveaways.

Intellectual Property, Authenticity, and Private Information2023-05-24T20:33:29+00:00
  • Violates any proprietary rights of any party, including but not limited to patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, right of publicity, or any other rights.
  • Engages in the unlawful sharing of unauthorized product licensing keys, software designed for generating unauthorized product licensing keys, or software intended for circumventing checks related to product licensing keys, which includes extending a free license beyond its designated trial period.

ProdigyBuild Privacy Policy

Thank you for placing your trust in ProdigyBuild, Inc. (“ProdigyBuild”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) by entrusting us with your source code, projects, and personal data. This Privacy Statement is intended to inform you about our data collection, usage, and disclosure practices, which include any personal data we collect and process when you interact with our website and utilize our applications, software, products, and services provided by ProdigyBuild, including any Beta Previews (collectively referred to as the “Services”).

Who is Responsible for Your Information?2023-05-24T20:29:02+00:00

ProdigyBuild, Inc. is the data controller responsible for processing your personal data. This privacy statement pertains to the processing of personal data by ProdigyBuild as the data controller.

However, it’s important to note that this privacy statement does not apply to personal data that we process as a service provider or data processor on behalf of our enterprise customers. In such cases, our data processing activities are governed by a separate Data Protection Agreement. If you are an end-user of one of these organizations, such as an employee or student, we recommend referring to the privacy statement of that organization for information regarding the processing of your personal data and directing any privacy inquiries to that organization.

ProdigyBuild’s Role in Processing Personal Data2023-05-24T20:29:02+00:00

In certain situations, ProdigyBuild acts solely as a service provider on your behalf for the personal data that is collected and processed in connection with our Service. An example of this is the personal data added to a repository by contributors. In such cases, ProdigyBuild’s processing of the data is solely for the purpose of providing, protecting, and improving the Service.

It’s important to note that when contributors request the removal of personal data, ProdigyBuild generally requires notification and action from the repository owner, as per our Private Information Removal Policy. This ensures that the necessary steps are taken to address such requests in a responsible manner.

Information Collected by ProdigyBuild2023-05-24T20:29:02+00:00

The personal data collected by ProdigyBuild is determined by your interactions with us, the services you utilize, and the preferences you express. We gather information about you from multiple sources and through various methods when you engage with our Service. This includes data you provide directly, information gathered automatically, data from third-party sources, and information derived or generated from other data.

Information Provided Directly to ProdigyBuild2023-05-24T20:29:02+00:00

At ProdigyBuild, we collect personal data that you provide to us. This includes:

  1. Registration Information: When creating an account, we collect details such as your name, contact information (username and email address), and credentials like your password.
  2. Demographic Information: In certain cases, we may request additional demographic information such as age, gender, and related details.
  3. Payment and Billing Information: If you engage in financial transactions or make purchases, we collect payment details such as credit card numbers, financial account information, and other relevant information.
  4. Content and Files: Any code, text, photographs, documents, files, videos, or recordings that you upload to our Service are collected by us. Additionally, we retain communications sent to us via email or other means. For instance, you may choose to provide additional information for your Account profile, such as your full name, a profile picture (avatar) that may include a photograph, your biography, location, company, and a URL to a third-party website. Please note that your profile information may be visible to other users of our Service.
  5. Feedback and Ratings: We collect any feedback or ratings you provide, including written communications and responses to surveys.

Rest assured that we handle this information in accordance with our privacy policies and take measures to protect your data.

Automatically Collected Information by ProdigyBuild2023-05-24T20:29:02+00:00

When you interact with our Service, ProdigyBuild automatically collects certain information. This includes:

  1. Transaction Information, Subscription, and Licensing Data: If you have a paid Account, subscription, or engage in transactions (e.g., purchases or sales) through our Service, we collect specific details about these transactions. This may include your full name, address, region, state, country, zip code, as well as the date, time, and amount associated with the transaction.
  2. Usage Information and Interactions: When you use our Service, we automatically gather information about your usage patterns and how your device interacts with our platform. This includes details such as the pages you visit, the referring site, your IP address, device information (such as device type, ID, operating system, and application version), session information, the date and time of each request, information related to your contributions to individual repositories, and telemetry data. Telemetry data refers to information about the performance of specific features or services you utilize within the Service. We may collect this information using cookies, which may employ a unique cookie ID. The collection of usage information and interaction data is dependent on your settings or preferences regarding our Service.

Please be assured that we handle this information in accordance with our privacy policies and take appropriate measures to ensure the security and protection of your data.

Information Generated by ProdigyBuild2023-05-24T20:29:02+00:00

In addition to the data we collect, ProdigyBuild may also generate new information by making inferences from the existing data we have collected. These inferences are derived through automated processes and help us understand your preferences and other relevant characteristics.

For instance, we may use your IP address to infer your general geographic location, such as the city, state, and country you may be accessing our Service from. These inferences allow us to provide a more personalized experience and improve our services based on the information we have gathered.

Rest assured that we handle this generated information with the same level of care and protection as the data you provide directly or that is automatically collected. We respect your privacy and strive to ensure that any inferences we make are done in a responsible and transparent manner.

Information Collected from Third Parties2023-05-24T20:29:02+00:00

In certain instances, ProdigyBuild may collect personal data about you from third-party sources. Here are some examples:

Engagement with other companies: If you choose to interact with other companies related to ProdigyBuild, such as signing up for training or receiving information about ProdigyBuild from our vendors, partners, or affiliates, we may collect personal data from these third parties. It’s important to note that ProdigyBuild does not purchase personal data from third-party data brokers.

Service Providers: We may receive information from processors or service providers who handle data on our behalf. For example, our payment processor collects payment and billing information in connection with our Service.

Content you post on our Service: Any information you store or contribute to a public repository, use in connection with a Community Feature, or make publicly available through our Service will be collected by ProdigyBuild as outlined in this Privacy Statement. It’s essential to be aware that this information may be accessible to both the ProdigyBuild user community and the general public. For more details on repositories and community features, refer to “About your profile.”

Co-branding/marketing partners: We may receive information from partners with whom we offer co-branded services or engage in joint marketing activities.

Publicly available sources: We might obtain information from publicly available sources, such as ProdigyBuild repositories.

Please note that when you are asked to provide personal data, you have the option to decline. Additionally, you can utilize web browser or operating system controls to manage certain types of automatic data collection. However, if you choose not to provide or allow information that is necessary for specific services or features, those services or features may not be available or fully functional.

How ProdigyBuild Uses Your Information2023-05-24T20:29:02+00:00

ProdigyBuild utilizes your information to provide, manage, and enhance our Service. We may use your information for the following purposes:

  1. Providing and improving our products and services: We use your information to deliver our products and services to you, troubleshoot any issues, and enhance the features on our Service.
  2. Business operations: Your information is used for various business operations such as billing, accounting, improving internal processes, securing our systems, detecting fraudulent or illegal activities, and complying with legal obligations.
  3. Product and service development: We may use your information to improve and develop new services or features, as well as to conduct research to enhance our offerings.
  4. Personalization of the Service: Understanding your preferences helps us personalize your experience on our Service, making it more tailored and enjoyable for you.
  5. Customer support: We use your information to provide customer support and address any inquiries or questions you may have.
  6. Promotional communications: We may send you promotional communications about new services, features, offers, promotions, and other relevant information related to our Service.
  7. Personalized advertising: Your information may be used to personalize and measure the effectiveness of enterprise business ads, including those you encounter outside of our Service. This includes promotional communications and marketing materials you receive in relation to our Enterprise Marketing Pages.
  8. Information delivery: We use your information to send you important notifications, such as confirmations, invoices, technical notices, updates, security alerts, support messages, and administrative messages.

To provide you with a seamless and consistent experience, we combine data collected from different sources. This allows us to offer a more personalized and tailored experience for your benefit.

Information We Collect and Share2023-05-24T20:29:02+00:00

ProdigyBuild shares personal data as outlined below, with your consent or as necessary to fulfill your transactions or provide requested services. Additionally, we may share each category of your personal data, described earlier, with the following types of third parties for the following business purposes:

  1. Public information:
    • Certain options within our Service allow you to publicly display and share your name, username, and specific information such as your profile, demographic data, content and files, or geolocation data. You have control over your email address visibility by adjusting your settings.
    • When compiling ProdigyBuild data, you must adhere to our Terms of Service regarding information usage and privacy. Any publicly available information you gather should be used only for authorized purposes, respecting user preferences and privacy.
  2. Third-party applications:
    • We share your personal data with third-party applications based on your explicit request. For instance, if you purchase an application from our Marketplace, we share your username with the application developer to provide you with their services.
    • You have the ability to enable or add third-party applications (Developer Products) to your Account. While these are not necessary for using ProdigyBuild, we will share your personal data with them upon your request. It is your responsibility to manage your use of third-party Developer Products and the personal data you choose to share with them.
  3. Organizations you engage with:
    • If you collaborate or become a member of an Organization on ProdigyBuild, the Account owners of that Organization may receive your personal data, granting them visibility into your activity within the Organization’s access log.
    • When accepting an invitation to an Organization, you will be informed about the types of information the owners may access. Please contact the Account owners for more details on how they process your personal data within the Organization and how you can manage your personal data stored in the Account.
  4. Service providers:
    • We share your personal data with trusted service providers who process information on our behalf to provide and improve our Service. These providers may handle payment processing, customer support, network data transmission, web analytics, marketing operations, security, online advertising, and similar services.
    • Our service providers may process data in your region, the United States, or any other country where they operate facilities, always ensuring compliance with applicable laws.
  5. Affiliates:
    • We grant access to personal data across our subsidiaries, affiliates, and related companies. This may occur when we share common data systems, when affiliates provide services on our behalf, or when access is necessary to operate and deliver the Service effectively.
  6. For security purposes:
    • We may disclose personal data if we believe it is necessary to protect our customers and others, prevent spam or fraud, or safeguard against threats to life or serious injury.
    • Personal data may also be disclosed to maintain the security of our Service, including preventing or stopping attacks on our systems or networks.
    • Additionally, personal data may be disclosed to protect our rights, property, or the rights and property of others, such as enforcing our agreements, terms, and policies.
  7. Legal disclosure:
    • ProdigyBuild may disclose personal data or other collected information to law enforcement or governmental agencies in response to valid legal processes. For further information regarding our disclosure in response to legal requests, refer to our Guidelines for Legal Requests of User Data.
  8. Change in control or sale:
    • If ProdigyBuild is involved in a merger, sale, or acquisition of corporate entities or business units, your personal data may be shared as part of the described transaction.

Please note that certain features of our Service may include integrations, references, or links to services provided by third parties. The privacy practices of these third parties may differ

Your Choices Regarding Our Processing of Your Personal Data2023-05-24T20:29:01+00:00

We value your choices when it comes to the personal data we collect about you. Please note that the choices you make will not apply to any personal data associated with an Organization under your Account.

  1. Access, Correction, and Deletion:
    • As a ProdigyBuild user, you have the ability to access, update, alter, or delete your basic user profile information by editing your user profile or reaching out to ProdigyBuild Support or ProdigyBuild Premium Support.
    • You can control the information we collect about you by managing the content of your profile, ensuring your information is up to date, adjusting your cookie preferences, or contacting ProdigyBuild Support or ProdigyBuild Premium Support.
    • We retain and use your information as described in this Privacy Statement. However, unless legally required, we will delete your complete profile within 90 days of your request. Certain data, such as contributions to other users’ repositories and comments on issues, may remain even after your account deletion.
    • We will delete or de-identify your personal data, including your username and email address, from the author field of issues, pull requests, and comments by associating them with a ghost user. However, your email address provided through your Git commit settings will always be associated with your commits in the Git system. If you wish to make your email address private, please update your Git commit settings.
    • We are unable to change or delete data in the Git commit history, as the Git software is designed to maintain a record. However, you have control over the information you include in that record.
  2. Personal Data Processing by ProdigyBuild:
    • If ProdigyBuild processes personal data other than your profile information, which includes information obtained from third parties, you may, in accordance with applicable law, access, update, alter, delete, object to, or restrict the processing of your personal data by contacting ProdigyBuild Support or ProdigyBuild Premium Support.
    • You can adjust your Account settings to control the display of your personal data in private or public repositories or personal data processed in connection with Community Features (such as ProdigyBuild Feed, ProdigyBuild Sponsors, and ProdigyBuild Explore) through your profile settings.
    • If you are unable to access specific personal data through the means mentioned above, you can request access by contacting us as described at the bottom of this privacy statement.
  3. Data Portability:
    • As a ProdigyBuild user, you have the freedom to take your data with you. You can clone your repositories to your desktop or utilize our Data Portability tools to download the information we have about you.
  4. Communication Preferences:
    • We use your email address to communicate with you based on your preferences. For example, if you contact our Support team, we will respond to you via email. You have control over the use and sharing of your email address with other users on our Service. You can manage your communication preferences in the email settings of your profile.
    • The Git version control system associates various actions with a user’s email address, such as commit messages. More details about setting your commit email address can be found in our documentation.
    • Depending on your email settings, ProdigyBuild may occasionally send notification emails, such as updates on repositories you follow, new features, feedback requests, important policy changes, or customer support messages. We may also send marketing emails based on your choices and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. An “unsubscribe” link is included at the bottom of each marketing email we send.
    • Please note that you cannot opt out of receiving important communications from us, such as emails from our Support team or
Cookies and Tracking Technologies2023-05-24T20:28:23+00:00

At ProdigyBuild, we utilize cookies to provide, secure, and enhance our Service. Cookies help us improve the user experience, develop new features, and maintain the integrity of our platform. Here’s how we use cookies and tracking technologies:

  1. Functionality and Security:
    • Cookies are used to keep you logged in and remember your preferences.
    • They help identify your device for security and fraud prevention purposes, ensuring the integrity of our Service.
    • We may compile statistical reports and gather insights for future development by utilizing cookies.
  2. Enterprise Marketing Pages:
    • On Enterprise Marketing Pages, we may use non-essential cookies to personalize the user experience based on interests and online activities.
    • These cookies enable us to provide more relevant ads, content, recommendations, and marketing.
    • Disabling non-essential cookies may result in less relevant content and marketing.
  3. Pixel Tags in Emails:
    • Our emails may contain pixel tags, which are small, transparent images.
    • Pixel tags help us determine if you have opened an email and provide us with your IP address.
    • We use this information to improve the effectiveness of our email communications and ensure we send relevant content.
  4. Cookie Duration:
    • Cookies can be either “persistent” or “session” cookies.
    • Session cookies remain on your device until you finish browsing, while persistent cookies stay until they expire or are deleted.
    • The expiration time or retention period of persistent cookies depends on their purpose and the tools used.
    • You may have the option to delete cookie data. Please refer to the “ProdigyBuild Privacy Statement” for more information.

What are Cookies and Similar Technologies?

We employ various technologies, such as cookies, web beacons, local storage, and mobile analytics, to deliver and operate our Services. These technologies assist us in providing a seamless user experience. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Cookies:
    • Cookies are small text files stored by your browser on your device.
    • They contain a string of numbers and letters that may uniquely identify your device and hold additional information.
    • When your browser connects to a web server in the same domain, the server can read the cookie and recognize your browser over time.
  2. Web Beacons:
    • Web beacons are electronic images embedded within websites or emails.
    • When your browser opens a webpage or email containing a web beacon, it connects to the hosting web server.
    • This allows the server to log information about your device, set its own cookies, and gather relevant data.
  3. Mobile Identifiers for Analytics:
    • Mobile identifiers for analytics work similarly to cookies but are specific to mobile devices.
    • These identifiers are accessed and used by mobile apps, enabling data collection for analytics and marketing purposes.
  4. Flash Cookies:
    • Flash cookies, also known as Local Shared Objects (LSOs), store information about your use of our Services.
    • They are commonly used for advertisements and videos.

How We Use Cookies and Similar Technologies

We utilize cookies and similar technologies across our Services for various purposes, including:

  1. Preferences and Settings:
    • Cookies help store your preferences and settings, enabling personalized experiences.
    • They allow you to sign in and provide a seamless user experience.
  2. Performance Analysis:
    • We analyze how our Services perform and track your interactions using cookies.
    • This data helps us improve the platform and develop valuable insights.
  3. Fraud Prevention and Legitimate Purposes:
    • Cookies assist in combating fraud and fulfilling other legitimate purposes related to our Service.
    • Some cookies and technologies may be provided by third parties, including service providers and advertising partners.
  4. Sharing of Information:
    • We may share the information collected or inferred from cookies and similar

Types of Cookies:

  1. Required Cookies: ProdigyBuild utilizes necessary cookies to enable essential website functions and provide our services. These cookies are crucial for activities such as logging you in, saving language preferences, facilitating a seamless shopping cart experience, enhancing performance, routing web traffic, detecting screen size, measuring page load times, and improving overall user experience. These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our websites.
  2. Analytics: We allow third parties to employ analytics cookies to gain insights into how you utilize our websites, helping us enhance their performance and usability. These cookies collect information about the pages you visit and the number of clicks required to complete tasks. Some analytics cookies are also used to deliver personalized advertising.
  3. Social Media: ProdigyBuild and third parties employ social media cookies to present you with targeted ads and content based on your social media profiles and interactions on ProdigyBuild websites. This ensures that the ads and content you encounter on our platforms and social media align with your interests. Additionally, these cookies enable third parties to develop and enhance their own products, which may be utilized on websites not owned or operated by ProdigyBuild.
  4. Advertising: Furthermore, ProdigyBuild and third parties utilize advertising cookies to display new ads to you based on ads you have previously viewed. These cookies also track the ads you click on and any subsequent purchases, serving both payment purposes and personalized ad delivery. For instance, these cookies detect when you interact with an ad and subsequently present you with ads tailored to your social media interests and browsing history on websites.
Retention of Personal Data2023-05-24T20:28:23+00:00

We retain personal data for the duration required to provide the requested services, complete transactions, adhere to legal obligations, settle disputes, enforce agreements, and fulfill other legitimate and lawful business purposes. The specific retention periods can vary depending on factors such as user expectations or consent, data sensitivity, the presence of automated controls for data deletion, and our legal or contractual obligations. In certain cases, we may retain your personal data for extended periods, if necessary and permitted by applicable law, to ensure security measures are upheld.

Securing Your Information2023-05-24T20:28:23+00:00

ProdigyBuild implements reasonable measures to safeguard your personal data against unauthorized access, alteration, or destruction. We strive to maintain data accuracy and ensure appropriate use of your personal data. To enhance security, we encourage you to create a strong password, refrain from sharing it with others, and avoid using the same password across multiple sites or accounts.

Regarding private repositories, access to the content is controlled by you. ProdigyBuild personnel only access private repository content under specific circumstances, such as for security purposes, automated scanning for vulnerabilities or prohibited content, assisting with support matters, maintaining service integrity, complying with legal obligations related to potential law violations, or with your consent. We will provide notice of private repository access, unless prohibited by law or if there is a security threat or risk.

Cross-Border Data Transfers: ProdigyBuild may store and process your personal data in various regions, including the United States and other countries where ProdigyBuild or its affiliates, subsidiaries, or service providers operate facilities.

If we transfer personal data from the European Union, the United Kingdom, or Switzerland to countries that haven’t been deemed to provide an adequate level of data protection by the European Commission, we utilize legal mechanisms, such as contractual agreements like the standard contractual clauses published by the European Commission (Commission Implementing Decision 2021/914). These measures are in place to protect your rights and ensure the appropriate safeguards accompany your data. You can request a copy of the Standard Contractual Clauses using the contact details provided in the “Contacting ProdigyBuild” section below.

How to Contact Us: If you have any privacy inquiries or concerns about how ProdigyBuild handles your personal data, please notify us immediately. We are here to assist you. You can reach us by filling out the Privacy contact form, and we will promptly respond to your inquiry.

Dispute Resolution Process: In the unlikely event of a dispute between you and ProdigyBuild concerning the handling of your personal data, please email us directly at with the subject line “Privacy Concerns”. We will promptly address your concerns and work towards a resolution. Additionally, you have the right to file a complaint with your local data protection or privacy agency or supervisory authority.

Changes to Our Privacy Statement2023-05-24T20:28:23+00:00

ProdigyBuild reserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement periodically for various reasons, including compliance with new laws and regulations, coverage of new features and functionalities, and enhanced transparency. We will notify you of any significant changes to this Privacy Statement at least 30 days before the changes take effect. This notice will be provided through our website by posting a notice on our homepage or sending an email to the primary email address associated with your ProdigyBuild account. Additionally, we will update our Site Policy repository, which records all changes to this policy. For other modifications to this Privacy Statement, we encourage users to regularly check our Site Policy repository.

European Data Protection Rights Notice2023-05-24T20:28:23+00:00

If you are in the European Economic Area, we process your personal data in accordance with applicable laws, and the processing of personal data about you is subject to European Union data protection law, you have certain rights with respect to that data:

You can request access to, and rectification or erasure of, personal data; If any automated processing of personal data is based on your consent or a contract with you, you have a right to transfer or receive a copy of the personal data in a usable and portable format; If the processing of personal data is based on your consent, you can withdraw consent at any time for future processing; You can to object to, or obtain a restriction of, the processing of personal data under certain circumstances; and for residents of France, you can send us specific instructions regarding the use of your data after your death.

To make such requests, please use the contact information at the bottom of this statement. When we are processing data on behalf of another party (i.e., where ProdigyBuild is acting as a data processor) you should direct your request to that party. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, but we encourage you to first contact us with any questions or concerns.

We rely on different lawful bases for collecting and processing personal data about you, for example, with your consent and/or as necessary to provide the services you use, operate our business, meet our contractual and legal obligations, protect the security of our systems and our customers, or fulfill other legitimate interests.

U.S. State Data Privacy2023-05-24T20:28:23+00:00

For U.S. residents, ProdigyBuild processes your personal data in compliance with applicable U.S. state data privacy laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This section of our Privacy Statement provides the necessary information required by the CCPA and other U.S. state data privacy laws, which complements our Privacy Statement.

Sale: We do not sell your personal data, and therefore, there is no opt-out option for the sale of personal data.

Sharing: We may “share” your personal data for targeted advertising purposes. However, you have the choice to opt out of sharing data for cross-contextual advertising purposes and manage additional privacy preferences on ProdigyBuild’s Enterprise Marketing pages by selecting “Managing Your Cookie Preferences.” Below are the categories of personal data shared in the past 12 months, along with additional details:

Categories of Personal Data Shared:

  • Usage information and Interactions

Categories of Recipients:

  • Advertisers

Business or Commercial Purpose for Sharing:

  • To support ProdigyBuild’s enterprise marketing efforts

Rights: You have several rights concerning your personal data. You have the right to:

  • Request disclosure of the personal data we collect, use, disclose, share, and sell
  • Request deletion of your personal data
  • Correct your personal data
  • Restrict the use and disclosure of your sensitive data
  • Opt out of future “sharing” of personal data for targeted advertising purposes

You can make these requests yourself or through an authorized agent. If you choose to use an authorized agent, we provide detailed guidance on how to exercise your privacy rights.

For detailed information on how to exercise these rights, please refer to the “Your choices regarding our processing of your personal data” section in the ProdigyBuild Privacy Statement. You can also use ProdigyBuild’s User Migration API to access and download your data. For more information, please review the “Requesting an archive of your personal account’s data” section.

If you have a ProdigyBuild account, you must utilize the provided tools to exercise your rights, which requires logging in to your ProdigyBuild account. If you have additional requests or questions after logging in, you may contact ProdigyBuild using the address provided in the “How to contact us” section, including through our web form.

If you do not have an account, you can exercise your rights by contacting us as described above. We may request additional information to validate your request before proceeding. You can also submit a request based on these rights via our contact form.

You have the option to opt out of “sharing” information for cross-contextual behavioral advertising purposes and make additional privacy choices related to ProdigyBuild’s Enterprise Marketing pages by selecting “Managing Your Cookie Preferences.” Furthermore, exercising your privacy rights ensures you will not receive discriminatory treatment. We do not discriminate against you if you choose to exercise your privacy rights.

Additionally, under California Civil Code section 1798.83, also known as the “Shine the Light” law, California residents who have provided personal information to a business with which they have established a business relationship for personal, family, or household purposes (“California Customers”) have the right to request information regarding the disclosure of personal information to third parties for direct marketing purposes. We want to clarify that we do not disclose personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes as defined by this law. If you are a California Customer, you may request further information about our compliance with this law by emailing us at (privacy [at] ProdigyBuild [dot] com). Please note that businesses are obligated to respond to one request per California Customer per year and may not be required to respond to requests made through means other than the designated email address.

California residents under the age of 18 who are registered users of online sites, services, or applications have the right under California Business and Professions Code Section 22581 to remove or request the removal of content or information they have publicly posted. To remove such content or information you have publicly posted, please submit a Private Information Removal request. Alternatively, you can send a detailed description of the specific content or information you wish to have removed to ProdigyBuild support. Please be aware that your request does not guarantee complete or comprehensive removal of content or information posted online, and certain circumstances may prevent or not require removal according to the law. If you have any questions about our privacy practices concerning California residents, please contact us via our contact form.

Personal Information

Please refer to the table below for details regarding the categories of personal information we collect, the purposes for processing, and the categories of third-party recipients with whom we share this information. For a comprehensive description of the data included in each category, please consult the GitHub Privacy Statement.

Category of Personal Data Purposes of Processing Categories of Third-Party Recipients

Category of Personal Data Sources of Personal Data Purposes of Processing Recipients
Registration information Users and customers who use create an account Provide and personalize our Services; authenticate and provide account access; respond to user and customer questions; help, secure, and troubleshoot; honor users rights; and marketing Service providers and user-directed entities
Demographic information Users and customers, third-party data brokers Provide and personalize our Services; product improvement and development; help, secure, and troubleshoot; and marketing Service providers and user-directed entities
Payment and billing information Users and customers, financial institutions Transact commerce; provide our Services; process transactions; fulfill orders; help, secure, and troubleshoot; and detect and prevent fraud Service providers and user-directed entities
Content and files Users and customers Provide our Services; safety; compliance; and help, secure, and troubleshoot; honor user rights Service providers and user-directed entities
Feedback and ratings Users and customers Provide our Services; product improvement; product improvement and development; marketing; customer support; and help, secure, and troubleshoot Service providers and user-directed entities
Transaction information, subscription and licensing data Users and customers Provide, personalize, and activate our Services; customer support; help, secure, and troubleshoot; and marketing Service providers and user-directed entities
Usage information and Interactions Users, customers, website visitors Provide and personalize our Services; product improvement and development; marketing; and help, secure and troubleshoot Service providers and user-directed entities
Geolocation information Users, customers, website visitors Provide and personalize our Services; product improvement and development; marketing; and help, secure and troubleshoot Service providers and user-directed entities

Sensitive Data Categories

Under applicable U.S. state data privacy laws, we may collect, process, or disclose certain personal data that is considered “sensitive data.” This type of data may be obtained when you participate in surveys, include it in your account profile, or engage in specific community-oriented repositories. It’s important to note that sensitive data is a subset of personal data. In the list below, we provide an overview of the sensitive data categories we collect, the sources from which we obtain this data, the purposes for processing it, and the categories of third-party recipients with whom we may share it.

Sensitive Data Type Purposes of Processing Recipients
Account log-in, financial account, debit or credit card number, and the means to access the account (security or access code, password, credentials, etc.) Transact commerce; process transactions; fulfill orders; provide our Services; help, secure, and troubleshoot; and detect and prevent fraud Service providers and user-directed entities
Racial or ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, or union membership Provide and personalize our products; product development; help, secure, and troubleshoot; and marketing Service providers and user-directed entities
Medical or mental health, sex life, or sexual orientation Provide and personalize our products; product development; help, secure, and troubleshoot; and marketing Service providers and user-directed entities
Contents of your mail, email, or text messages Provide our products; safety; compliance; and help, secure, and troubleshoot Service providers and user-directed entities

ProdigyBuild’s Consent for Sensitive Data Collection and Processing

ProdigyBuild seeks your consent to collect and process sensitive data or does so at your explicit direction. We handle your sensitive data responsibly and only utilize or disclose it for the following purposes:

  1. Service Provision: We use sensitive data to perform the services, fulfill transactions, or provide goods that you reasonably expect from us.
  2. Security and Integrity: We employ sensitive data to ensure the security and integrity of our services, combat malicious activities, fraud, or illegal acts, and protect individuals’ physical safety. We process sensitive data to the extent necessary and proportionate for these purposes.
  3. Transient Use: Sensitive data may be used temporarily (including non-personalized advertising) as long as it is not used for profiling or altering an individual’s experience outside the current interaction with ProdigyBuild.
  4. Business Operations: Sensitive data is processed to operate our business effectively. This includes maintaining accounts, providing customer service, processing orders/transactions, verifying customer information, processing payments, offering financing, providing analytics, storage, and similar services.
  5. Quality and Safety: We may utilize sensitive data to verify or enhance the quality, safety, or functionality of ProdigyBuild’s services or devices.
  6. Compliance with Applicable Law: Sensitive data may be processed for activities required by law or any other lawful purposes.

The charts provided above outline the primary sources, purposes of processing, and recipients for each category of personal data. The personal information categories mentioned above are used for the purposes described in the “ProdigyBuild Privacy Statement” section of our Privacy Statement, which includes meeting legal obligations, improving internal operations, and conducting research. We may also disclose these personal information categories for business or compliance purposes. For further information, please refer to the “ProdigyBuild Privacy Statement” section of our Privacy Statement.

Not in a Position to Identify Data (NPI)

In certain situations, ProdigyBuild processes data in a state called “Not in a Position to Identify Data” (NPI) or de-identified data. NPI data is processed in a way that prevents the identification of individuals without additional steps. We maintain NPI data in its de-identified state unless permitted by applicable law, and we do not attempt to re-identify individuals associated with NPI data.

Disclosures of Personal Data for Business or Commercial Purposes

As described in the “How We Share the Information We Collect” section, we share personal data with third parties for various business and commercial purposes. The primary purposes for which we share personal data align with the processing purposes listed in the table above. We also disclose the personal information categories mentioned above for business purposes. For more details, please refer to the “ProdigyBuild Privacy Statement” section of our Privacy Statement.

ProdigyBuild’s Subprocessors2023-05-24T20:28:23+00:00

At ProdigyBuild, we prioritize maintaining your trust and safeguarding your information when sharing it with third-party subprocessors, including vendors and service providers. We assume full responsibility for the protection of your data in these collaborations. When onboarding new vendors, we take great care to ensure their compliance with data protection standards. We require all vendors to enter into data protection agreements with us, which restrict their processing of Users’ Personal Information as defined in our Privacy Statement.

To maintain transparency and keep you informed, we regularly update our list of subprocessors. This includes adding new subprocessors who handle Users’ Personal Information, removing subprocessors, or making changes to how we utilize a subprocessor.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a new subprocessor, we are here to assist you. Please reach out to us through the Privacy contact form, and we will be happy to address your inquiries.

Cookie Usage at ProdigyBuild2023-05-24T20:28:23+00:00

At ProdigyBuild, we utilize cookies to enhance the functionality and security of our websites. Cookies also allow us to analyze website usage patterns, enabling us to provide you with an exceptional user experience. If you would like more detailed information about cookies and how and why we use them, we encourage you to review our Privacy Statement.

Data Collection by Conductor2023-05-24T20:28:23+00:00

Conductor gathers various types of data to support its service, including file content, repository connections, and additional relevant information. This data is collected to deliver the intended service and may be stored for further analysis and enhancements to the product.

Data Usage and Sharing in Conductor2023-05-24T20:28:23+00:00

User Engagement Data collected in Conductor is utilized by ProdigyBuild, Microsoft, GitHub, Amazon or OpenAI to facilitate the provision of the service and to drive improvements.

The utilization of this data may involve:

  1. Evaluating the effectiveness of ProdigyBuild Conductor, such as assessing its positive impact on users.
  2. Refining ranking and sorting algorithms and optimizing prompt creation.
  3. Detecting any potential misuse or violations of the Acceptable Use Policies associated with GitHub Copilot.
  4. Conducting experiments and research pertaining to developers and their usage of developer tools and services.
Data Control for Conductor Users2023-10-18T23:13:54+00:00

The use of ProdigyBuild Conductor requires the collection, processing, and sharing of user engagement data, which includes pseudonymous identifiers and general usage data. This data will be collected, processed, and may be shared with Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI when utilizing ProdigyBuild Conductor.

To gain detailed insights into how ProdigyBuild handles and utilizes personal data, please refer to the ProdigyBuild Privacy Statement.

For controlling the use of your data in Conductor, it is important to review and adhere to the data management policies and practices outlined in the ProdigyBuild Privacy Statement.

ProdigyBuild Conductor Terms of Use

The agreement for ProdigyBuild Conductor consists of the following Product Specific Terms, in conjunction with your main agreement with us, which may be the ProdigyBuild Customer Agreement’s General Terms, the ProdigyBuild Terms of Service or a similar legacy agreement, or other legal related agreements.. The combined document is referred to as the “Agreement.”

By utilizing ProdigyBuild Conductor, you are bound by the General Terms unless you and ProdigyBuild have a different Agreement in place. Additionally, you agree to the Data Protection Agreement unless your Agreement with ProdigyBuild includes an alternative data protection agreement required by the country or government.

These terms can only be modified through a written document signed by both you and ProdigyBuild. Any capitalized terms not defined here retain their respective meanings as provided in the Agreement.


“Acceptable Use Policies” refers to the ProdigyBuild Acceptable Use Policies available at

“Code” and “Your Code” denote the code you write while utilizing the ProdigyBuild Conductor application and editor, including any modifications made to the code, files or suggestion.

“Content” encompasses text, data, software, images, and any other materials displayed or made available through the Online Services.

“Data Protection Agreement” refers to the ProdigyBuild Data Protection Agreement


ProdigyBuild Conductor transfers files contents and snippets of Your Code from your Conductor dashboard in order to provide code builds and suggestions. Codes and files content data is only transmitted in real-time for the purpose of returning code builds and suggestions and is discarded once a build or suggestion has been completed or provided. More detailed information regarding data processing by ProdigyBuild Conductor can be found in the ProdigyBuild Privacy Statement.

Acceptable Use2023-05-24T21:12:30+00:00

Your use of ProdigyBuild Conductor is subject to the Acceptable Use Policies. For example, you are prohibited from prompting ProdigyBuild Conductor with unlawful or prohibited content according to the Acceptable Use Policies. Furthermore, you may not utilize ProdigyBuild Conductor to generate codes or suggestions that you know (or reasonably should know) would be unlawful or infringe upon the rights of others, ideas or copyrighted software companies.

Defense of Third Party Claims2023-05-24T21:13:02+00:00

If your Agreement includes provisions for defending third-party claims, those provisions will apply to your use of ProdigyBuild Conductor. Notwithstanding any other language in your Agreement, ProdigyBuild’s defense obligations related to your use of ProdigyBuild Conductor do not apply if (i) the claim is based on Code that differs from a build or suggestion provided by ProdigyBuild Conductor, or (ii) you have not enabled all filtering features available in ProdigyBuild Conductor.

Responsibility for Your Code2023-05-24T21:13:28+00:00

You are solely responsible for Your Code, including any rework, writes or suggestions you incorporate into Your Code or refer to during its development. It is entirely your decision whether to utilize the codes generated or suggestions generated by ProdigyBuild Conductor. ProdigyBuild strongly advises implementing reasonable policies, security and practices to prevent the use of code generated or suggestion in a manner that infringes upon the rights of others. This includes utilizing all available filtering features within ProdigyBuild Conductor.

Ownership of Suggestions and Your Code2023-05-24T21:13:48+00:00

ProdigyBuild does not assert ownership rights over code builds and suggestions. You maintain ownership of Your Code.

Usage of ProdigyBuild Conductor2023-05-24T21:14:09+00:00

To utilize ProdigyBuild Conductor, it’s an integral part of Fibonacci, an AI assistant that reads instructions and provides customized AI assistance to codes, software builds and recommendations.

Legal Request for User Data

Our users place their trust in us when it comes to their software projects and code, which are often valuable assets for their businesses or personal endeavors. Preserving this trust is of utmost importance to us, and that entails ensuring the safety, security, and privacy of user data.

The majority of our users utilize ProdigyBuild’s services to create new ventures, develop innovative technologies, and contribute to the betterment of society. However, recognizing the vast global user base we have, we understand that there may be a few individuals who misuse our platform. In such instances, we aim to assist law enforcement agencies in fulfilling their legitimate duty of protecting the public interest.

By establishing guidelines for law enforcement personnel, we seek to strike a delicate balance between safeguarding user privacy and promoting justice. These guidelines are intended to set clear expectations for both parties and bring transparency to ProdigyBuild’s internal procedures. It is crucial for our users to be aware that we highly value the privacy of their information and take appropriate measures to protect it. This means that we will only disclose data to third parties when the legal requirements are met. Simultaneously, we aspire to educate law enforcement professionals about ProdigyBuild’s systems so that they can streamline their data requests, focusing solely on the information necessary for their investigations.

Legal Request of User Data2023-05-29T17:46:52+00:00

Whether you are a law enforcement officer conducting an investigation involving user content on ProdigyBuild or a privacy-conscious individual seeking information about our data sharing practices with law enforcement, you have come to the right place.

In these guidelines, we offer some background information about ProdigyBuild, the types of data we possess, and the circumstances under which we disclose private user information. Before delving into the specifics, here are a few important details you should be aware of:

  1. Notification to Affected Users: Unless legally restricted by law or a court order, we will inform the users affected by any requests for their account information.
  2. Protection of Location-Tracking Data: We will not disclose location-tracking data, such as IP address logs, unless we receive a valid court order or search warrant.
  3. Preservation of User Privacy: Without a valid search warrant, we will not disclose any private user content, including the contents of private repositories.

Please continue reading for a comprehensive understanding of how we handle user information in compliance with legal requirements and user privacy.

User data2023-05-24T20:24:02+00:00

Here is an indicative list of the types of data we store and manage related to users and projects on ProdigyBuild. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Organization Account Data:

  • Public information about organizations, administrative users, and repositories is available on ProdigyBuild.
  • Organization profiles display the organization name, repositories starred by owners, and all users who are organization owners.
  • Administrative users may choose to share additional public information such as avatars, affiliated company, location, direct members, teams, and collaborators.

Public Repository Data:

  • ProdigyBuild hosts numerous public, open-source software projects.
  • Public repository data includes the code, previous versions, stable release versions, information about collaborators, contributors, repository members, and logs of Git operations.
  • Conversations related to Git operations, project documentation (such as issues and wiki pages), statistics, and graphs showcasing project contributions and the network of contributors are also collected.

Private Repository Data:

  • Private repositories on ProdigyBuild collect and retain the same types of data as public repositories.
  • However, access to private repository data is limited to specifically invited users.

Other Data:

  • ProdigyBuild collects analytics data, including page visits and occasionally volunteered information from users such as communications with our support team, survey responses, and site registrations.

Please note that this list provides an overview of the data collected and maintained on ProdigyBuild. For more comprehensive details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Notify Account Owners2023-05-24T20:24:02+00:00

We are committed to maintaining transparency and informing our users about any requests or legal processes involving their accounts or repositories. As part of this commitment, we have established a policy to notify affected account owners, unless prohibited by law or a court order. Our notification process ensures that users have an opportunity to challenge the legal process if they wish. Here’s an outline of our notification policy:

  1. Notification Efforts: Before disclosing user information, we will make reasonable efforts to notify the affected account owner(s). We will send a message to their verified email address, providing them with a copy of the subpoena, court order, or warrant.
  2. Opportunity to Challenge: By receiving the notification, users can review the legal process and choose to challenge it if they believe it is necessary.
  3. Exceptions for Exigent Circumstances: In rare cases of exigent circumstances, where there is a threat of death, serious harm, or an ongoing investigation, we may delay the notification to prevent jeopardizing the situation.

Our aim is to uphold user privacy and ensure that users are informed about any requests or legal actions involving their data on ProdigyBuild.

Disclosure of non-public information2023-05-24T20:24:02+00:00

At ProdigyBuild, we prioritize the privacy and security of our users’ information. We have established a policy regarding the disclosure of non-public user information in various legal situations. Here are the key points of our policy:

User Consent: We will disclose private account information, upon receiving user consent, to the user themselves or to a designated third party. This disclosure will occur after verifying the user’s identity.

Subpoena or Similar Legal Process: In response to a valid subpoena, civil investigative demand, court order, search warrant, or similar legal process issued in connection with an official criminal or civil investigation, we may provide specific non-public account information. This may include names, associated email addresses, billing information, registration dates, IP addresses, and other relevant data. For organization accounts, we can provide information about the account owner(s) but will require further requests for information regarding other members or contributors.

Court Order or Search Warrant: We will only disclose account access logs, account settings, user-specific analytics, and security access logs in response to a court order issued under appropriate legal procedures or a search warrant demonstrating probable cause. Private account contents, such as secret Gists, source code in private repositories, collaboration records, and communications, will only be disclosed with a search warrant.

Exigent Circumstances: In certain urgent situations involving the risk of death or serious physical harm, we may disclose limited information necessary to assist law enforcement agencies. However, for any further information beyond what is immediately necessary, we will still require a subpoena, search warrant, or court order.

It is important to note that the availability of information may vary depending on the specific case, as some information may be optional for users to provide or may not have been collected or retained by us.

At ProdigyBuild, we are committed to protecting user privacy while also cooperating with legitimate law enforcement requests. Our disclosure practices are guided by applicable laws and legal processes to ensure a balance between privacy and the interests of justice.

Cost Reimbursement2023-05-24T20:24:02+00:00

In accordance with state and federal laws, ProdigyBuild reserves the right to seek reimbursement for costs associated with complying with valid legal demands, such as subpoenas, court orders, or search warrants. We aim to recover only a portion of the actual costs incurred for complying with such legal orders.

Please note the following reimbursement schedule, unless otherwise mandated by law:

  1. Initial search of up to 25 identifiers: No charge
  2. Production of subscriber information/data for up to 5 accounts: No charge
  3. Production of subscriber information/data for more than 5 accounts: $25 per account
  4. Secondary searches: $15 per search

These charges are intended to recover reasonable costs and expenses incurred by ProdigyBuild, excluding emergency situations or other exigent circumstances where we do not apply any charges.

We strive to maintain transparency and comply with legal requirements while minimizing the financial impact on our users and the community.

Data Preservation2023-05-24T20:24:02+00:00

Upon receiving a formal request from U.S. law enforcement in connection with official criminal investigations, ProdigyBuild will take necessary measures to preserve account records. These records will be retained for a period of up to 90 days, pending the issuance of a court order or other relevant legal process. Our commitment is to cooperate with law enforcement agencies while ensuring compliance with applicable legal requirements.

California Assembly Bill 1242 Notice2023-05-24T20:24:02+00:00

By submitting legal process to ProdigyBuild, you affirm that the legal process is not connected to any violation of laws that establish liability for abortion-related activities that are considered lawful in the state of California.

Requests from foreign law enforcement2023-05-24T20:24:02+00:00

ProdigyBuild, being a United States company, Incorporated in Delaware, is not obligated to disclose data to foreign governments in response to legal requests issued by foreign authorities. If foreign law enforcement officials seek information from ProdigyBuild, they should reach out to the United States Department of Justice Criminal Division’s Office of International Affairs. ProdigyBuild will promptly address requests that are issued through U.S. courts under a mutual legal assistance treaty (“MLAT”) or letter rogatory.

ProdigyBuild Risk Management Program

Risk is often associated with the possibility of negative outcomes, but it is actually defined as the effect of uncertainty on objectives. This means that risk includes both potential hazards and opportunities. Our risk management program aims to increase trust by addressing our customers uncertainty that may impact objectives. Managing risk in the early stages is very important for us to build and maintain your trust.

Why we minimize risks

ProdigyBuild will be storing large amounts of data that may contain personal information, financial data, and intellectual property. Our risk management program will help identify potential risks and data breaches, hacking attempts, or other security threats that could put our customers information at risk. Being transparent about our philosophy, practices and procedures allows us to gain trust.

By providing cloud services, it is vulnerable to outages and disruptions caused by various factors, such as cloud IaaS related problems, network outages, or cyberattacks. Our risk assessments exercises will identify potential causes of service disruptions and help us develop strategies to ensure service availability to all of our customers.

ProdigyBuild conducts and reviews annual Risk assessments and exercises that includes

  • Risk Identification: Identify the potential risks that may the service which includes all risks related to data security, service availability, compliance, and more.

  • Risk Assessment: Assess and prioritize each risks of the likelihood and impact of each identified risk.

  • Risk Mitigation: Implement security measures, deploy redundancy and ensure backup systems, disaster recovery plans are all in place and properly working.

  • Risk Monitoring: Our team regularly monitors the risks and update the mitigation plan regularly to stay up to date with our Risk Management Program.

  • Incident Response: We have developed a plan for responding to incidents that includes roles and responsibilities, deploying incident response procedures, and always continuing to provide training for incident response teams.

  • Business Continuity Planning: We have exercised our BCP by identifying critical systems, defining recovery procedures and conduct testing regularly.

  • Compliance Management: Your data is extremely important and we’re always looking to meet data privacy laws, security standards, and industry-specific regulations.


By committing to a comprehensive risk management program, we can better understand and mitigate the risks by reducing potential security threats, financial, legal, and reputational impacts. It’s an investment to ensure that we are well-positioned to navigate the challenges and uncertainties of today’s business environment.


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