ProdigyBuild Suite of Products

The only tools you’ll need to build cutting-edge applications and bring your ideas to life. Our suite of products offer a range of powerful AI solutions for developers and data scientists who are looking to build intelligent applications and automate complex tasks with AI assistance. Join the ranks of the world’s leading AI developers and start building intelligent applications with our AI products today.


Fibonacci provides full visibility to your work in progress, with the goal of optimizing workflow, reducing cycle time, and increasing efficiency.


Conductor AI is your personal developer assistant that helps with coding-related tasks, code correction, optimization, debugging, and review


Insights provides development teams with real-time visibility into the status and progress of their projects, bugs and AI activities.


TeamSync, the revolutionary AI documentation tool, streamlines the process of writing technical and product documentation, significantly reducing both time and effort required.

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Flexible pricing options

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$ 0.00

per month

Limited Features

What’s Included

25,000 free tokens
Free for up to 5 users
Full access to Fibonacci
Use Insights to view usage and reports
Fully featured Conductor AI
$.0001 per additional token
Email support

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$ 9.99

per user / month

Full Features

What’s Included

250,000 free tokens
For teams with 6+ users
Full access to Fibonacci
Use Insights to view usage and reports
Utilize Conductor to generate code and push code to repositories
$ .0001 per additional token
Standard Email support


$ 24.99

per user / month

Enterprise Features

What’s Included

500,000 free tokens
Full access to Fibonacci
Use Insights to view usage and reports
Fully featured Conductor AI
$.00005 per additional token
Most advanced Conductor AI model
Priority customer support

Technologies that makes life easier

Embrace Artificial Intelligence.

Streamline Workflow

Fibonacci provides a simple and effective way to manage tasks, visualize workflows, assign tasks to Conductor AI that optimizes productivity, allowing developer team to stay on top of their work and achieve their goals faster.

Empower Development

Conductor AI reads tasks, repos and starts to automatically code, detect and fix errors. With Conductor AI, development teams will notice big improvements in code quality, faster development lifecycle and with greater accuracy.

Insights Dashboard

Insights dashboards provides data-driven insights and visualizations of key metrics, enabling developers to monitor tasks and overall activities. Insights can help developers optimize processes, improve efficiency, and drive better outcomes.

Simplify development

  • Plan and track your product roadmap with ease

  • Automatically generate code based on your specifications

  • Streamline the code review process with AI-powered code analysis

  • Collaborate with your team in real-time


Faster SDLC


Cleaner Code

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It takes less than 2-3 minutes to create a Task on ProdigyBuild and seconds for AI to create a solution. ProdigyBuild AI platform is a must see.

Clear Direction

ProdigyBuild helps maintain focus.

The direction of your product is critical for creating a successful software that meets customer needs. ProdigyBuild keeps you competitive in the market, keeps the development team focused, allocates resources effectively, and align team members on a common goal.

  • Build and stay competitive in the market with Conductor AI. Enjoy a smart personal AI assistant that never sleeps, always available, works fast and never complains.

  • Fibonacci helps development teams focus on important tasks, manages and creates clear product roadmaps.

  • Insights aligns and communicates project details to team members and gathers data to showcase easy to read visual reports to key stakeholders.