Fibonacci: Task and Issue Tracking Powered by AI

Fibonacci: Task and Issue Tracking Powered by AI

Fibonacci: Task and Issue Tracking Powered by AI2023-11-21T17:22:12+00:00

Agile Project Management with AI

Plan your project seamlessly with AI on our Scrum or Kanban board. Save hours with automated testing and implementation steps. Quickly estimate features and releases using AI in Fibonacci’s Gantt Chart.

Automatic Ticket Descriptions Using AI

  • Tickets with One Click:

    • Detailed testing steps
    • Technical implementation recommendations
    • Library suggestions
    • Estimation of time to complete a task
    • Normalized ticket formatting
  • Project Aware:
    Fibonacci connects to your Version Control System to understand the technologies and contextualize the instructions.

  • More Accurate than Humans:
    Fibonacci estimates time to complete a task analyzing multiple variables and historical patterns.

AI writes ticket descriptions

Plan Your Sprints in a Breeze

  • Sprint Planning in One Screen:
    Drag and drop tasks between the backlog, the sprint, and the board.

  • AI is Part of the Team:
    Assign tickets to our Conductor AI. It will accept user input, and initiate coding upon assignment.

  • Plan Less, Execute More:
    Integrated AI reduces sprint planning sessions to a minimum.

  • Enhanced project column configuration:
    Edit and create new columns, and assign types that will trigger our AI integrations.

Import from Jira

  • Export your Jira tickets and import to Fibonacci:

    In a few clicks, you can export your project tickets as a CSV, upload, and import your project.

  • Batch rewrite your imported tickets:
    Using our Gantt chart, you can easily rewrite and estimate all your epics from Jira.

  • Expedited import time:
    In minutes you can complete this entire process, which will format and normalize all your existing tickets, allowing you to jump-start your ProdigyBuild experience.

Gantt Chart With Integrated AI

  • Epics in Minutes:
    Write a short description, and let Fibonacci rewrite and estimate each task in a batch process.
  • Unparalleled Accuracy:
    Fibonacci uses a highly advanced LLM trained on vast amounts of data.

  • Expedited Sprint Planning:
    Automatically populate epics and tasks on your gantt schedule, reducing the amount of time spent on sprint planning.
Gantt chart with integrated AI

Rewriting Issues With AI- Full Demo

Fibonacci FAQ

How much time can I save using Fibonacci for project management?2023-10-19T00:01:08+00:00

Up to 80%, based on our studies. Fibonacci saves developers hours of tedious work by defining steps and identifying libraries directly within the ticket. Fibonacci handles the heavy lifting of research.

How accurate are time estimations?2023-10-25T14:00:12+00:00

About 75%, according to our studies. AI far surpasses human estimations reliant on intuition and past experiences. Fibonacci uses highly trained LLM’s and integrates multiple variables and historical patterns for precise estimations.

How does Fibonnaci’s Gantt chart differ from other products?2023-10-19T01:26:35+00:00

Fibonnaci’s Gantt chart allows for planning entire epics within minutes by quickly writing short descriptions and batch process re-writing and estimating each task. In some cases, this can completely eliminate sprint planning sessions.

How does Fibonnaci know how to rewrite content?2023-10-19T03:34:56+00:00

Fibonacci uses natural language processing algorithms and machine learning techniques to understand the context of the ticket. It uses details about your project along with Version Control System (VCS) integrations to understand what technologies your projects use.

Simplify and optimize your project management with Fibonacci.

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