How To: Setup AWS CodeCommit Connection

Before moving forward, you will require to have AWS console access, be able to create a user and give permissions. If not, please work with your Cloud / DevOps at your organization.

  1. Open the AWS Console
  2. Navigate to “IAM” from the top Barr

3. After clicking on the IAM tool to get to the IAM Dashboard, click on “Users” under the “Access Management” menu on the left

4. Add user and specify a user name, typically including “conductor_” in the name to make it easier to track integration keys

5. When setting permissions for the new Conductor user, ensure that the user has “AWSCodeCommitFullAccess” permission

6. Confirm the user details and finish creating new user

7. In the Access Management User list, click on the new user you created and click on the “Security credentials” tab

8. Scroll down to the Access keys section and click “Create access key

9. Select “Other” under use case then add a Description tag value and click Create Access Key

10. Copy your Access key and Secret access key

Head back to your project settings in ProdigyBuild and select your AWS region and then you’re all set for adding repositories and running Conductor


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