How To: Setup Github Connection

You must create a project before using ProdigyBuild

Once you have set up the project, you can initiate the process of generating issues and assigning them to your team members or the Conductor (AI Assistant). This will help streamline your workflow and facilitate efficient collaboration within your team.

To create a Project, provide a Project Name, a detailed Project Description and select your Cloud Service Provider such as AWS, Azure, or GCP.

Next, select your Source Version Control System and enter an Org Name

At ProdigyBuild, we support Github, AWS CodeCommit, Gitlab and Bitbucket

Enter your GitHub Access Key.


Need help getting your Github Access Token Key?

A personal access token on GitHub functions like an OAuth access token and authenticates the access to the GitHub API. You can generate a personal access token on GitHub with the below instructions.

To learn more of Access Tokens: 


1. Log into the Github

2. Under your GitHub user profile (not the repository profile), click the “Settings” link.

3. Scroll down and click the “Developer Settings” link.

4. Click the GitHub “Personal access tokens” link.

5. Click the “Generate new token” link and provide your password again if required.

6. Provide a name for the GitHub personal access token in the “Note” field.

7. Set the access token’s expiration timeout to “No expiration.”

8. Click the checkbox for every permission scope to give your GitHub token full repository access.

9. Click “Generate token”

10. Copy the GitHub Personal Access Token and use this in the Github Access key as the password while creating a Project


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