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Generate all your development documents and diagrams using AI in TeamSync. In seconds, create test cases, workflows, release notes, and more, based on your configuration files.

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Project management Meets AI

Scrum or Kanban

Choose between Scrum or Kanban Boards with an intuitive UI

Epic & Release Planning

Automatically estimate, plan and write tasks with AI

Manage Project Portfolios

Manage work streams and releases across multiple projects

Generate All Your Software-Related Documentation Using AI

Use your config files from Github, Gitlab, AWS CodeCommit, and BitBucket to generate documentration.

Generate test cases, release notes, and workflows, as well as docs for application architecture, and cloud infrastructure.

Securely upload, store, and edit your files. Create a folder structure and share it with your team.


Diagrams With One Click Using AI

Based On Your Code

Collaboration Ready


Integrate with Version Control Systems,
including Github, Gitlab, AWS Code Commit, Azure DevOps and BitBucket


Manage and Share Project Files

Create folders to organize your documents and diagrams.

The team is always in sync with centralized documentation.

Import your files to TeamSync with one click and share with your team.

TeamSync FAQ's

Generative AI is generally less accurate in generating diagrams compared to generating code or text¹. However, TeamSync diagrams are great starting points since they connect the dots between vast datasets

Absolutely. You can import .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, and .pdf files into TeamSync. Then you can use their content to further generate documentation.

TeamSync utilizes your project details and base code from Version Control System (VCS) integrations to identify the technologies you are using. Then, it employs highly trained LLM’s  to make sense of all the data points.

Documents generated in TeamSync live in the cloud and can be accessed by your team. You can create folders and build a project structure to establish a dynamic collaboration environment.


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Discover a comprehensive solution
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