Fibonacci: Task and Issue Tracking Powered by AI

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Project management Meets AI

Scrum or Kanban

Choose between Scrum or Kanban Boards with an intuitive UI

Epic & Release Planning

Automatically estimate, plan and write tasks with AI

Manage Project Portfolios

Manage work streams and releases across multiple projects

Automate Project Documentation with AI

  • Detailed testing steps
  • Technical implementation recommendations
  • Library suggestions
  • Estimation of time to complete a task
  • Normalized ticket formatting

Fibonacci allows you to easily assign, move and discover any of your project issues

Each column can be assigned to an AI automation, from generating code, performing PR Reviews, generating testing steps, and more


Unparalleled Portfolio Management

Manage your Portfolio of Projects

Review your Project Portfolio across a Unified Board

Plan your Releases and Epics on a Unified Gantt Chart

Group projects, teams, and configure settings for cross-project releases and more


Import From Jira

In a few clicks, you can export your project tickets as a CSV, upload, and import your project.

Using our Gantt chart, you can easily rewrite and estimate all your epics from Jira

Quickly get started with ProdigyBuild by mapping your Jira users and inviting them to join the team


Gannt Chart With Integrated AI

Create and Estimate Epics in Minutes

Coordinated Releases and Sprints

Use AI to batch rewrite and estimate entire epics and plot them on our gantt chart

AI adds descriptions and estimates in Gantt chart

Fibonacci FAQ's

Up to 80%, based on our studies. Fibonacci saves developers hours of tedious work by defining steps and identifying libraries directly within the ticket. Fibonacci handles the heavy lifting of research.

About 75%, according to our studies. AI far surpasses human estimations reliant on intuition and past experiences. Fibonacci uses highly trained LLM’s and integrates multiple variables and historical patterns for precise estimations.

Fibonnaci’s Gantt chart allows for planning entire epics within minutes by quickly writing short descriptions and batch process re-writing and estimating each task. In some cases, this can completely eliminate sprint planning sessions

Fibonacci uses natural language processing algorithms and machine learning techniques to understand the context of the ticket. It uses details about your project along with Version Control System (VCS) integrations to understand what technologies your projects use.


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Discover a comprehensive solution
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